Consult Design


Green Edens is there to help walk you through the process. We will meet with you to determine your needs. In walking your property and listening to your concerns we can develop a design and budget to make your dreams a reality.


  The first step is to schedule an on-site consultation that will last up to an hour.  We will then go over your needs and desires and any potential or existing problems in order to create a design that meets your goals.  We ask that a Plat of Survey be provided at this time, which will help in the design plan. After the consultation, we do a thorough site survey of your property determining type of soil, amount of sun, existing plant material and hardscapes, grade changes, and water issues.  

sustainable garden consultations in Evanston Illinois


After the designer develops a comprehensive plan, it is reviewed with the client. A drawing plan (not a blueprinted plan) will be provided if the drawing plan option is chosen. Once all revisions are made, the client is provided with a copy of the plan as well as an itemized estimate providing the costs of the materials and labor to complete the project.

garden design in Evanston Illinois


Once the design and plant material is approved the fun begins!  Our professional crew is quick, efficient and detail-oriented. Our skilled landscape crews install your landscape project according to plan under the supervision of the landscape designer. Once the project is completed, it’s time to enjoy your new “Eden.”

garden installation in Skokie, Illinois