Eco Friendly Lawns are the perfect Chicagoland solution to lawn care with care for sustainability.

Sustainable Lawns

Replacing non-native turf with an eco-friendly microclover or sustainable fescue/ryegrass mix is highly recommended.  Eco-lawns are self-fertilizing nitrogen fixers, chemical-free, drought tolerant, extremely low maintenance, money-saving, attractive, and safer for pets and children.  Eco-lawns get established quickly and have deep roots, which makes them stay greener than traditional lawn grass. It also means that your new eco-lawn can easily choke out competing weeds, and will be highly resistant to pests.  There are even great varieties for shade conditions. We love tearing out traditional lawns!  

After removing the top layer of your sod, we sew the eco-friendly seed mix of your choice and thinly cover it with compost. Watering is only needed for the first couple of weeks while the plants become established.  Mow a few times a year. That's it! Relax. Enjoy.