Warranty Information

Green Edens Horticultural Services, LLC provides the following LIMITED WARRANTY:


Trees & Shrubs

We will replace one time, without charge, any tree, shrub, evergreen, groundcover or vine planted by us that dies within a period of ninety days from the date of installation.


Perennials, Ornamental Grasses & Non-Shrub Roses

We will replace one time, without charge, any perennials, ornamental grasses or roses planted by us that die within a period of ninety days from the date of installation. This excludes the period from November 1st to April 1st. Plants installed during this time will be warrantied for 90 days beginning April 1st of the following year.


The above limited warranty will be void unless the owner / gardener fully complies with the following instructions:


Watering All Plants: That you complete the watering of your garden, plants, and shrubs according to the watering instruction sheet that you will be provided with upon completion of your project.


Pest Control: That you have contacted us to inform us of the pest problem, at the first sight of the problem, in order to keep plants free of injurious insects and diseases by proper application of organic methods.


Weeding: That you have kept the plantings free of weeds.


Non-Warranted Items: We provide no warranty for any plant material that is transplanted, planted above ground in containers, flowering bulbs, or annual plants.


This limited warranty shall be invalidated if the owner does not pay any invoice within thirty days after receipt thereof. All claims for loss must be reported to the Contractor within the applicable warranty period, and no replacements or repairs of any kind will be made until the original invoice is paid in full. We will not replace plants or repair any work if damage or death is caused by lack of water or improper watering, animals, insects, mechanical damage, neglect, acts of God, inclement weather, acts of third parties, civil unrest, terrorism, or any other actions or causes beyond Contractor control. This limited warranty does not cover any materials that are transplanted or owner-supplied. NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ARE PROVIDED.